Worship the Holy Trilogy

The New Year is a good time for those of us in chastity - in submission - in cuckoldry to re-dedicate ourselves to the truth that we are who we are - we are in the relationship we are in - because we have one God....the female body and soul.

I have come to see Jan as a Holy Trilogy....her Pussy is the center of the universe - it is the source of all power - I could not resist it if I tried....

Her Breasts are beacons which broadcast her her power to the world - they see her breasts and know she is a woman - and they all dream of hearing (seeing) her broadcast....

Her Mouth is the source of all that matters in the world - whatever words she speaks are the law of the land - they are wisdom and brilliance - they are life.

I have but one God - her name is Jan.

Happy New Years!!!!